GIANKY (2017)
With a neutral point of view and with the interest of capturing the intimate, the raw and the explicit, this video is a portrait of a heroin user in his day-to-day.
NO SE (2018)
No Se (No Clue) is a short documentary of an introspective nature. Andrea Narváez is a videographer and photographer who's work focuses on heroin addiction and the culture and social dynamics that surround it. In this video Andrea poses existential questions about herself and her art and looks to find answers through the relationships with key people in her life.
This video-loop can be thought of as a cover letter from an artist who hasn't produced anything for a year. It can also be thought of as an exorcism.
It contains a lot of footage forgotten by the artist, material stolen from the internet and a lot of subjectivity: nasty and shameful subjectivity.
"Inútil, Bellaca, Frustra: el último perdón" is not a transition nor is it an excuse to feel productive; it is a dialogue with uselessness itself.
What happens when you don't know what else to do?


My name is Andrea Narváez Rivera, I was born in 1997 and grew up in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. I am interested in the encounter between fiction and reality to research the limits of pleasure, our psychological activity, and our prejudices of our world conception and those of others. Through my work I explore the aesthetics and experiences of disgust and social repulsion as a manner to confront the repressed, hidden, and undesirable of the self and society in myself and my public. My current projects deal with everyday experiences of heroin users, psychoanalysis, personal poetics, and informal photography.
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